The best types of sewing materials


The best types of sewing materials
Choosing fabric for clothes is an important approach in sewing a garment. A wrong choice might lead to waste of time and material. Fortunately, this article offers the best guidelines on identifying the best types of sewing materials.
The market offers various types of sewing materials. However, you need to purchase the best types of the sewing materials to suit your customers. The list below indicates some best types of fabric used to make quality and comfortable clothes.
1) Cotton voile- this material is lightweight. It comprises of semi-sheer fabric with excellent drape.
2) Chambray-this type is smooth and lightweight. Garments made using the material do not drape.
3) Flannel-flannel is considered lightweight and soft. It is perfect for cold weather clothes. Its material comes from wool, synthetic fiber, and cotton.
4) Polyester-polyester material is comfortable and washes well. The fabric requires no special care. Most people prefer the material because it takes color extremely well. Moreover, the material is durable, and its’ dyes never fade.
Choosing the type of fabric for a dress contributes to the way the fabric feels against your skin. Also, it affects the behavior of the fabric during sewing. In such regard, it is important to select the best material that drapes well against your body.